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NOT the law-bomb lobbing Bob Loblaw Law Blog.
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I'm Robbie, a recovering Linux geek in Atlanta, GA. I'm a full time graduate student (political science, international business, and GIS) and a part time technology consultant. This is my journal. One of my aims is to open up a proper blog on another site in the near future, and only use this for personal journaling. As a part of this goal, I'm making any posts older than a sliding window of two years ago friends-only here.

I'm somewhat chained to Atlanta now that I'm in school, but I'd love to go traveling around the world again. I'd also rather be drinking a Guilder at an outdoor bar in Lagos:

I'm interested in politics, foreign policy, economics, civil liberties, technology policy, and politics in developing countries.

I love to travel, though I don't have the time to do as much as I'd like to.

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