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Fri, Apr. 9th, 2010, 06:27 pm
Bad web design as a business deterrent

Disclaimer: I'm a really crappy web designer. But that's why I don't do it for a living, nor do I call myself a web designer. When I need a website for a company or organization I work with, I know to back off and call in a professional.

Now that's out of the way..

I really like tropical plants. Palms, hibiscus, elephant ears, bananas, citrus, etc, etc, etc. This winter, I lost several tropicals that I'd like to replace. Heather and I are heading to Florida on vacation next month, and I'm planning on hitting some nurseries to get some new plants. There's a nursery in Georgia I could hit instead however- it's on the way, and I wouldn't need to spend time visiting nurseries on vacation.

The problem is their website- here it is. It doesn't look so horrific at first, but just wait.

Check out all the images on the page for Hall's Hardy Almond Tree. And the ones for Brazos Blackberries. Even apple trees- this is an inventive way to point out that apple trees need colder climates. And nothing sells dogwood trees like shirtless hunky guys and bikini models randomly inserted into your photos.

Go on, roam the site, There's more. And many are even worse. There's just something mildly disturbing about the graphics on the site. Like, who in the hell has time to sit there and photoshop random clip art of models into their photos? Do you really think that helps you sell trees? Like, if some guy is on the fence about buying that pink dogwood tree, and that hot model that you poorly 'shopped into the photo is going to do the trick and get him to click that "buy" button. Or, maybe some lady would be more interested in buying a blueberry bush if she saw a photo of a hunky shirtless guy with a berry 'shopped into his hand.

Their prices on some things are good. And yet I just can't bring myself to buy from them, all because of their site. I can't even bring myself to visit their nursery in Tyty- I can't imagine what kind of person would put a site like that online. It's a little irrational, sure. It's not like they've photoshopped goatse with berries and fruit flowing from it like a cornucopia. (that's actually not such a bad idea, actually - are you listening, 4chan? Don't forget tubgirl while you're at it.)

So, it it just me? Does anyone else find the site design as subtly disturbing and bad as I do?

Update: I hadn't even noticed the Religious Videos link before. Wow.

Sat, Apr. 10th, 2010 12:05 am (UTC)