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Mon, Jul. 27th, 2009, 09:21 am
Makin' booze...

The beer and wine making continues..

This weekend:
-Zinfandel bottled.
-Gewurzstraminer started in primary fermenter (our first white wine!)
-Oatmeal ale started in primary fermenter.

This week:
-Need to brew another Belgian ale.

Next weekend:
-Zinfandel/Shiraz blend might be ready to be bottled. I need to clean more bottles to get ready for it..
-Leffe-style Belgian ale might be ready for bottling.

We've been able to find more wine bottles from friends/family and the friendly folks at the Perimeter WineStyles store, who are holding on to their empties for us. Sadly, we're low on beer bottles (thanks in part to a defective capper that broke quite a few bottles and has now been replaced).

If anyone has non-screw-top beer or wine bottles they'd like to donate, we're taking all we can get.. In return, you'll get some beer and wine. :-)